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Country Haven Acres is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where youth and/or adults with a developmental delay, mental health and behavioral challenges are encouraged to explore and discover their full potential within a nurturing homelike setting. Country Haven Acres is committed to offering quality support while the resident's social inclusion, personal goals, wellbeing, dignity and respect remains always a priority.

Our Vision

We strive to enhance and optimize everyone's quality of life by promoting their rights and responding to their changing needs. We would like to be a place where youth and adults seek opportunities to grow, build on self-confidence, feel safe to be who they are and have a safe place to call home whether it be a short- or long-term solution. We want to include family in the individuals' planning when appropriate, and most importantly the individual residing here that they are a priority part of their planning. It is important that all resident's at Country Haven Acres feel safe, supported and celebrated for who they are and the endless possibilities ahead of them.

About us

We started Country Haven Acres to catch kids falling through the cracks and soon saw the need to extend the safety net for them as they aged out of youth care and into adult services. Many of our kids transition into one of our adult homes which provides them with a seamless continuation of programming, services, peer relationships, and community involvement. All of our programs are set in a rural community in the Muskoka Parry-Sound Region with year-round access to programming involving use of local Provincial Parks, lakes, rivers and small friendly communities.

Service Principles

Country Haven Acres youth and adult programming ensures quality measures are implemented and that employees are working as a team to stay up to date and informed of the evolving needs of everyone in their care. It is an innovative long-term housing solution geared towards low to high functioning individuals with developmental delay, mental health related issues and/or dually diagnosed. Youth and adult residences are separate offering a licensed youth program ages 12-18 Co-Ed, a Supportive Adult residence Co-Ed 18 plus and a Semi-Independent Living Program ages 18 plus. Our adult programs follow all Quality Assurance Measures.
Country Haven Acres offers an extensive, supportive program that is committed to involving family and other service providers in order to formulate an innovative residential program for individuals with special needs. It will increase their options, decrease social isolation and establish a network of peers and social support. Ultimately, participants will explore their strengths, develop life skills, and establish meaningful connections within the local community.


Country Haven provides long-term residential care for individuals living with development delay, behavioural issues, and/or mental illness.

Youth Programs

Our Youth Program is a licensed housing solution for youth ages 12-18 years who have a developmental delay, require mental health support and/or are dually-diagnosed and require extra support outside of what a foster home can provide. Our residents are living with a wide range of diagnosis; therefore, our team can evolve to the support needs of the residents for not only a nurturing and empathetic environment but also one where extra supervision, routine, fun and creativity is a part of the everyday.

Ontario Assocition of Residences Treating Youth

Adult Programs

Our Adult Program offers long term housing options for adults living with psychological, psychiatric, emotional, social and/or physical disabilities. We provide a safe and encouraging environment where residents not only have a say in what goes on in the home, but also get to participate in a variety of activities that will help develop essential life skills. Although this is the adult program, the fun and creativity does not stop here. At Country Haven we are committed to constantly improve the quality of life to those in our care, this leads to some very exciting programming opportunities for our adult residents and also chances to build on interpersonal skills while being in a strongly supported along the way.

Semi-Independent Adult Program

This program is designed to provide individuals who have the potential and long-term goal for independent living but currently require a little extra support to develop the skills required to do so. Country Haven Acres provides a dedicated team who help individuals realize their potential and offers support and encouragement along the way. Our team will work on interpersonal skills, job development skills and coaching, budgeting and emotional support to help develop strategies and coping techniques when adults require limited support but are not ready to function yet on their own.

Our Houses

Click any of the houses below to learn more about our facilities and the services offered at each house.

Emsdale House

Emsdale House

Youth Home

Jacques Morin House

Jacques Morin House

Long-Term Adult Home

Parish House

Parish House

Semi-Independent Living Program


We never thought that the day would ever come that we would need to start looking for a group home for our son who has autism and epilepsy. I worked in group homes and supported people with various disabilities for almost 15 years, never thinking one day my son would need the care. My family was persistent in having me check out some places and Country Haven stood out for its understanding nature, specialized staffing team and compassion. Within a year of first looking into homes we had to face the inevitable and sign our son up to be placed somewhere where he could be given all the opportunities we were no longer able to provide for him due to circumstances beyond our control. We fought to keep him home but were unable to support him any longer. Choosing the path to put our son into a group home was the hardest decision of our lives, but ultimately was the best one. Our son has been with Country Haven for over a year now and we are so blessed and fortunate to have him in such an amazing place with such a caring, kind, supportive staffing team.
Our son is given opportunities daily to fulfill his goals and dreams. The staff always keep in contact with us about all the things he has done. Every day is a new adventure and a new learning experience! I know some days are harder than others (autism and growth spurts cause many violent behaviors) the staff still keep going and have not given up. We have received pictures of him at Santa's Village, pet therapy, horse riding, fairs, the beach. We were never able to support our son to half of these things right before he moved due to his needing extra help and support for his behaviors. To see him being able to live like this is a miracle...more then we could ever ask for him!
As a family we are so thankful, appreciative and blessed to have the love, support, and connection with all of the team at Country Haven. Words cannot express how truly grateful we are for all their hard work, dedication, persistence, and communication! Putting your child in a group home is beyond difficult to accept and to do, but any family who goes to Country Haven will rest easy at night knowing their child is in the best hands possible. -Julie

Country Haven as a private agency meets all the government standards to provide a safe, secure & home like place for children & adults with special needs. Their staff are continuously educated to meet the needs & interests that are in their care. My daughter has been a long-term resident of Country Haven & their staff ensure that she is provided with a happy, safe living environment. She is part of the CHA family who is involved in all activities within the CHA home & encouraged & supported to be involved in the community. Country Haven has also ensured that she continues to be part of her family by bi-monthly home visits. -Debbie

Contact Us

For further information on Country Haven and it's services, send us a message or call us at: (705) 636-0008

For employment opportunities please email: Job Inquiries